Foil Boards designed & built in Southern California- Freedom Foil Boards
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The Rubix Foilboard

Freedom Foil Boards is Dedicated To Flight!

We’re not a Surf Company who has a few foil boards… We are a Foil Board Company who is all in on foiling! What that translates to is a business who’s mission and drive is to create the best foiling equipment in the world. Custom built right here in Orange County, California with an attention to detail and dedication to quality that is unrivaled. Every detail of every board is built with intention towards a high end user experience. We want you to feel your Foil in a way that you have never imagined. At Freedom Foil Boards we understand how the high speed, 3 dimensional freedom of foiling is a transformative experience. We feel honored and blessed to be the Company you count on to make that happen!

Freedom Foil Board Rubix

The Rubix

The Rubix was contrived out of the culmination of our most progressive infrastructures and designs to date. Every curve and every angle has been scrutinized to bring you the most efficient, lightest, and strongest foilboard on the planet!

The Techno 2.0

Techno 2.0 is built to last! We have upgraded our builds to include reinforced “carbon sandwich” future boxes. We’re now also running the carbon all the way to the edge of the foil boxes eliminating any weak connections points. Our boards are now built with higher density EPS Foam.

Techno 2.0 Foil Board
The Whip Foil Board

The Whip

The Whip was designed to be our most versatile foil board. Whether it’s foiling behind a wake, a kite, or whipping into some outer reefs this is your weapon of choice! We designed The Whip out of a need for a board that can easily sink under your feet for deep water starts while maintaining the maximum rigidity for flight.

The Micro Whip

The Micro Whip is designed as our high end and ultra responsive Kite or Tow board. At 3.5Lbs and with a narrow profile this board is built for flying on edge.

The Micro Whip
The Wingnut Foil Board

The Wingnut

Do you Wing it??? The Wingnut is our newest board design built specifically for winging. We took the best elements from our Techno and Skillet models and meshed them together to create a board small enough to fly but big enough to wing.

The Skillet

The Skillet is designed to be our high performance / downwind SUP foil board. We integrated some new features into this board model that are engineered to maximize lift and minimize drag.

The Skillet SUP Foil Board