Wingnut 5'5"
Wingnut 5'5"
Wingnut 5'5"
Wingnut 5'5"
Wingnut 5'5"

Wingnut 5'5"

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The Wingnut

Do you Wing it ? The Wingnut is our newest board design built specifically for winging. We took the best elements from our Techno and Skillet models and meshed them together to create a board small enough to fly but big enough to wing. The Wingnut is created for flight and specifically for assisting with wing take offs. With volume squeezed in around the rails and nose of the board The Wingnut is designed to help you get up and stay up! All of our Wingnut boards built with the same components as our newest Rubix Model. With reinforced wood stringers locking in the divincell and extra carbon laying to the edge of the foil boxes these boards are engineered to stand up to the demands required from winging.
If you are looking for the magic wing board The Wingnut is built for you!



5'5"x26"x4.2" @85 L


  • Upgraded EPS Foam technology
  • Upgraded and reinforced Divinicell Boxes
  • Upgraded Carbon sandwiched foil boxes
  • Carbon Fiber Construction to the edge of foil boxes - Maximizes foil box durability
  • Concave Deck - Boosts board control and feel
  • Slight Double concave bottom - reduces drag on touch-downs and assists in take off
  • Full Rails - Maximizes volume and stability
  • Forward Volume / Wide Nose - Assists with take Off’s
  • Wide Tail - Maximizes volume and stability
  • Air Vent - Helps prevent delams through one way valve pressure release
  • Footstrap Inserts - Included on every Wingnut
  • Leash Plug - Included on every board!

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