Whip 2.0 Foil Board
Whip 2.0 Foil Board
Whip 2.0 Foil Board
Whip 2.0 Foil Board
Whip 2.0 Foil Board

Whip 2.0 Foil Board

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The Whip

The Whip was designed to be our most versatile foil board. Whether it’s foiling behind a wake, a kite, or whipping into some outer reefs this is your weapon of choice! We designed The Whip out of a need for a board that can easily sink under your feet for deep water starts while maintaining the maximum rigidity for flight. When it comes to foiling, flex is not your friend, and despite it’s size the Whip is designed to maintain the strength necessary to lean into and handle high speed foil carves.

Built out of the same materials and processes as our Techno Model, The Whip is ultra light, super small, and flies like there’s nothing but the foil under your feet.




3’7″ x 17.5″ x 2″ @ 17 Liters and 4 lbs


  • Concave Deck - Maximizes board control and feel
  • Upgraded Carbon sandwiched foil boxes
  • Step Rails - Increases board rigidity and responsiveness
  • Chine Rails - reduces drag and assists water contact rebound
  • Double concave bottom - reduces drag on touch-downs and assists in take off
  • Low Volume - Helps with deep water tow starts and responsiveness
  • 1.5 lb. EPS Core Construction with Divinicell inserts for the foil boxes
  • Carbon Fiber Construction to the edge of foil boxes - Maximizes foil box durability
  • Carbon wrapped epoxy glassing
  • Air Vent - Helps prevent delams through one way valve pressure release
  • Footstrap Inserts - Included on every Whip