Skillet 2.0 5’6” Foil Board
Skillet 2.0 5’6” Foil Board
Skillet 2.0 5’6” Foil Board

Skillet 2.0 5’6” Foil Board

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Skillet SUP Foil Board
The Skillet

The Skillet is designed to be our high performance / downwind SUP foil board and can be enjoyed as a high volume wing board. We integrated some new features into this board model that are engineered to maximize lift and minimize drag.  Our double concave bottom is inspired from the old Air Chair days and the innovation of Mike Mack and his fellow river rats that used to dominate the river on their foils as far back the early 90’s with double concave bottom boards. No matter who claims it, these guys did it first!

Built out of ultra light EPS Foam and wrapped in carbon with reinforced Divinicell for the foil boxes, The Skillet is surprisingly light and nimble. If you are looking for a high performance downwind, SUP, or wing board check out The Skillet!




5’6″ x 27″ x 5.6″ @ 115 Liters With Air Vent & Double Concave



  • Concave Deck - Maximizes board control and feel
  • Upgraded Carbon sandwiched foil boxes
  • Carbon Fiber Construction to the edge of foil boxes - Maximizes foil box durability
  • Step Tail - Minimizes water contact while caring and pumping
  • Double Concave - Reduces water contact friction and assists in paddle control.
  • Chine Rails - reduces drag and assists water contact rebound
  • 1.5 lb. EPS Core Construction with Divinicell inserts for the foil boxes
  • Carbon wrapped epoxy glassing
  • Air Vent Handle - Included on every Skillet
  • Footstrap Inserts - Included on every Skillet
  • Leash Plug - Included on every board!