Trevor Isbell


Trevors Board

Rubix 4'1"

Age: 17

How long have you been foiling for?
The first time I ever tried foiling was in 2016 on this giant sup board we called the “Beluga.” The thing was at least 4 inches thick and felt like one of those heavy E-Foil boards. The rest of it was just one slit at the bottom to hold a Maliko Go Foil and it had padding all along the top. Since then the technology with foiling has evolved so much. From my perspective, I’m really glad that I got to experience that before so much changed. It reminds us of the good old days and simpler times:)

Did you come from a surfing background or other type of action sport?
It’s a good question because I like to speak proudly about this! A lot of people assume I’m just a foiler now(which kills me!), but that is SO not the case. Surfing was the first sport that I ever experienced in my life and my first love. From then on I’ve made it a mission to never loose that connection. A lot of the time, when I make a video or I mostly foiled a whole week, I probably foiled and surfed the same day. People just don’t realize haha!

What first attracted you to foiling / is there anyone who (you) really inspired you to try it out?
Foiling was really funny when I first started. It was new, and well...nobody really knew if it was actually “cool” yet. I mean I didn’t even have the thought that I “wanted” to try it. But all of the sudden my dad started learning how to strapless foil with this guy on Namotu. And one day, literally coming back from surfing I get the phone call from my dad and he says, “Trev! I got the foil board for the rest of the day lets go!” Let me remind you this so called “board” is the beluga! And well from then on, I’ve been hooked.

Who do you look to for inspiration in foiling now and why?
The ocean...I know it may not be the answer you wanted but like I said before, I really didn’t look at foilers back then as my “inspiration.” Most of the foilers I knew just went into the line up with surfers and tried to chop our heads off... And sadly, some foilers, including the really good ones(I’ve discovered personally) haven’t really changed. So yeah, not the best introduction to foilers on my part. Which is why I’m inspired by the sea. Having fun in the ocean is what it’s all about. When it’s not super fast, it’s not slow either, but it delivers power and this lump to glide and flow with together. It’s a connection and a bond, and to me she’s there to grab a hold of and dance with.

Where do you see the sport of foiling progressing the most in the next couple of years?
You know what, let’s go with everywhere! Just in the past couple months I really started to realize how much more there is to foiling. There are so many different riders, boards, foil, and so many different styles, so let’s try it all! As long as you’re having fun and being respectful with others in the water, I say go for it and learn to love it!

Favorite wave you have foiled?
Ooooo...I can’t tell you that one haha! But I will give you my second favorite which is “inside” Wilkes, Fiji.

Bucket list wave to foil?
All of them?! Haha! Definitely a bore wave would have to be top of the list. During cyclones in Fiji, the channel from Tavarua to Cloudbreak can get huge. I think you could ride it all the way to the mainland. Now that, would be fun...and scary haha!

What is the 1 thing that excites you the most about foiling?
The sensation of flying! A lot of people don’t know but I have always been a HUGE aviation enthusiast. That’s not really my career choice anymore, but this is the closest I’ll get to that:)

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