Ryan Funk

Trevor Isbell Age: 20

How long have you been foiling for?
4 years

Did you come from a surfing background or other type of action sport?

What first attracted you to foiling / is there anyone who (you) really inspired you to try it out?
Liked the freedom, gliding

Who do you look to for inspiration in foiling now and why?
Maui crew, because they’re pushing the limits.

Where do you see the sport of foiling progressing the most in the next couple of years?
Winging for sure, surfing and downwind. Honestly, all of it.

Favorite wave you have foiled?
Sugar Core

Bucket list wave to foil?
Cortes Bank

What is the 1 thing that excites you the most about foiling?
Speed, glide, freedom of it, floating, fun.

Would You Rather

Foil a bore or Foil a barrel?

Foil with a few or Foil with a crew?

Foil Airs or Foil Carves?

High Aspect Wing or Carve Wing?
High Aspect Wing

Strapped in or Free Ride?

Kai Lenny or Kelly Slater?

Wing Thing or Whip-Ins?

Tavarua or J Bay?
J Bay