Jason Miller


Jasons Board

Rubix 4'4"

Age: 34

How long have you been foiling for?
2 years

Did you come from a surfing background or other type of action sport?
Strictly a surfing background riding, for the most part, high performance shortboards.

What first attracted you to foiling / is there anyone who (you) really inspired you to try it out?
There’s a clip of Kai Lenny kicking out of a small day at Cloudbreak and connecting three consecutive waves. My mind couldn’t logically make sense of it, but I knew I had to try it. Foiling for me was a way to make the average California day exciting and it has fully exceeded my expectations. As Southern California waves get more and more busy, it was also a way to remove myself from the crowds and enjoy the mushy peak down the beach with just a couple friends.

Who do you look to for inspiration in foiling now and why?
I feel most inspired sharing foiling with someone new and seeing their eyes light up once they get their first ride. For the friends who dedicated the time to learn, now it’s a major part of their water time. For some, they’ve sold off their entire quiver of surfboards.

Where do you see the sport of foiling progressing the most in the next couple of years?
The more exciting part about the progression is all the different types of applications outside of just riding waves as someone might on a surfboard. Utilizing different energies; whether it’s wind, currents, boat wakes, etc all have their place as the sport progresses. As far as equipment goes, I think the sky’s the limit. It would be interesting to apply new composite materials to the board building process and continue to experiment with new foil shapes and combinations. I like the idea of creating hybrid wings where they’ve incorporated the higher performance of surf wings along with the efficiency of high aspect wings. Additionally, I’d also like to see new materials introduced that would reduce the flex.

Favorite wave you have foiled?
Can I say Sano? We’re pretty fortunate to have one of the best foil waves within biking distance.

Bucket list wave to foil?
Shoot, there’s way too many. There’s a tidal bore in France that’s near the top. That tanker wave in Texas is up there too. The Gorge in Oregon. If it’s something novelty, I’m in!

What is the 1 thing that excites you the most about foiling?
It’s the community. Everyone is so friendly and willing to share their knowledge and even their local go to spots. It feels so much more inclusive. There’s not the same type of ego in foiling that you see in surfing and maybe that’s the biggest difference..

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